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Vue Integration

Co.koa will very happily interface with a vue instance in tow. With the release of co-koa-cli@1.0.0 VueJS is easy to ship as your development front end.

Note the following installation assumes prior knowledge of the Vue CLI, please visit VueJS for more information.


Install Co.Koa as normal using the latest implementation of co-koa-cli. Don’t forget to run npm install! Navigate to your project’s ./public folder. run vue init webpack (or equivalent command) and follow the instructions provided by the CLI.

Once installation has finished, navigate back to your project’s root folder and simply type npm run dev-with-vue. Co.Koa will launch first, followed by the Vue dev server! You can access your Vue instances as normal via http://localhost:8080 and communicate with Co.Koa via http://localhost:3000 (or whatever port you’ve specified in Co.Koa’s config.json)

Accessing Vue’s Command Line Tools

Co.Koa now exposes any scripts in your public folder from its base directory by running npm run public [command in your public folder]. That means that rather than having to run VueJS commands in your public folder you can simply run them while in your Co.Koa project folder.